ubc emerging media lab

EML is an experimental space where faculty, students, and staff from all disciplines collaborate with industry and community. Its mission is to evolve learning by creating tools and techniques using emerging media including Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality.


my role

I started out at EML as a volunteer mainly in design. As volunteers, we are assigned to work on projects that we are interested in and what we are assigned to do depends on the project leads. My goal was to integrate more UX into the current practices and processes and therefore, I volunteered to help out in 3 projects to improve their UX. 

1 month after I joined EML, I was asked to become a WorkLearn student, which is a part-time paid position in the lab, as the UX Design Lead. (kind of like a promotion, I was psyched!) I worked on 2 projects, and conduct weekly UX meetings with the EML UX team. (which is something new to the lab that I was able to bring in) My goal for this position is to be able to create a strong UX foundation in the lab that will stay long after my team and I are gone as well as advocating UX practices and design thinking.

I have also been recently given a leadership role for the ChatSim project as the project's Design Lead and this is primarily what I am working on right now!

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is a VR application that allows users to visualize waves and mathematical functions in 3D.

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is a VR application meant to simulate the language speaking experience for learners.

coming soon


this experience really opened my eyes to the world of 3D design. From only having experience in 2D platforms, applying my skills into 3D design was definitely a challenge for me. I frequently found myself stuck in ambiguity and confusion wondering if my process was effective or made sense.

through the support of my teammates and my coordinators, I was able to overcome these difficulties and be comfortable in the ambiguity and to feel okay with making mistakes in order to learn. I learn a lot from interacting with different VR applications every day. I learn about all of the different variables needed when designing for VR, like neck & viewing angles, rendering, shading, lighting, and more. I found that since interactions take longer to build in 3D vs 2D, a really helpful strategy to test out certain interactions is by "bodystorming" which basically means acting out the scenario with real-life props. 

although the field may be very daunting for designers not comfortable in 3D, I'm glad I brought myself into it. What motivates me every day is the fact there is always something new to learn and I am able to use my knowledge of playing games and love of 3D animated films into my designs.

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